"Somewhere Beneath The Sunshine" Single Version 2013

by idiedtrying

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"Somewhere Beneath The Sunshine" was taken from the split 12" vinyl originally released on Red Moth Records.

© idiedtrying / I Am What I Am Recordings. All rights Reserved.


Tony- To whom it may concern, if this recording has reached you it's not too late. Herein lies the sound of a life, organic & imperfect, stretched out for all to see. A transmission of light sound & science. It all started with a conversation with my late father when he said, "Listen. Get ready. It's getting near the time I leave you." Then he said, "Son. You are the last one. Make it count. There's still miles to go. Onward."
Bret- Occaisionally you will find me staring into the distance, wondering if I have the strength to phrase a eulogy & bury you.
Tony- We'll watch the stars fall. Die strong.
Bret- From now I have seen you fade. From now I will be you.
Tony- If you are still listening, it's important that I make it very clear that within this sound I found a way to communicate the importance of connection & the healing power of being surrounded by sheer volume & it's gravely serious that you find something like this inside yourself. Don't waste it. You do it now, there's no tomorrow. In closing, I am the last one, of my kind. Maybe I'll be back someday, till then....
Here's my thanks for all you've done for me Mom, my whole life. You gave me sunshine. And to my friends, don't you forget, the times we've shared & what it meant. That's true past death. Here's my song for you to play when I'm gone, when I'm gone, I'm not that far.... Somewhere beneath the sunshine, you'll find me, you'll find me....
Bret- Somewhere. Far near.
Tony- For when I'm gone, from while I'm here, know all along, if you listen, I'm out there.
Bret- Life Shared. Life spared.
Tony- Somewhere, beneath the sunshine, you'll find me, still playing....
Tony & Bret- With everything I've got....

© idiedtrying 2013. All rights Reserved.


released April 6, 2013
J.Anthony(Tony) Goff.
Seven String Arrangement.
Vocals. Lyrics. Theremin. Samples & Found Sounds.
Keys, piano or otherwise. Noise.

Bret Newland.
All Percussion, Acoustic & Electronic.
Vocals. Lyrics. Samples & Found Sounds.

*Ron Wagers performed bass on this recording.

© idiedtrying 2013. All rights Reserved.



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idiedtrying Park Layne, Ohio

idiedtrying. - A mission of creating timeless & compelling music, with a cinematic context & pushing the boundaries of emotion within art.

Sometimes beautiful, often joylessly melancholy but most accurately described as horrific. Forever art-damaged. Complete murdered auditory terrorism. The peak of transient delving, compulsive emotional mutilation.

Uncategorical and terrifyingly cathartic.
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